The Travel Capsule

Come and join us to T ravel together to the most wonderful natural places around the world

and to gain the opportunity to Rejuvenate your body, spirit and mind, to get inspiration as

well as to have the Adventure of a lifetime. Would you like to change your perception about

life, to get rid of the stereotypes? Then pack your suitcases and go on Vacations with us to

relax and be happy! We are living our lives in bustling cities forgetting about naturE , that

we are part of it, and that is not something separate and distant from us, it is who we are.

Respect nature and thus respect Life. Let us enjoy it, experience it and get benefited by

connecting to nature united.

In order for you to live a fulfilled and abundant life you need to find the Courage to follow

your dreams and leave all your fears behind. Join our Activities and adventures to admire

this fantastic world, to connect to each other and built new and long lasting friendshiPs.

Step into Self-enquiry to rediscover your true self, who you really are and what matters in

life. We are all the Universal man, and the world is our home.

So are you ready? It’s time for Leisure and to Experience the unknown!

Welcome to the TRAVEL CAPSULE and always remember that this is a mighty existence!

Upcoming Adventure!

An unforgettable pilgrimage in Peru the land of the ancient Incas






Adventure travels!

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The only thing you have to do is to contact us with your wish and we will make it come true!

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The Travel Capsule is an alternative travel project calling all free spirits and adventurous souls of this world.

Together we will see nature’s and this world’s most beautiful places and cultures, we will experience the joy in connecting deeply to one another, we will contemplate about life’s infinite possibilities and the most important, we will have the adventure of a life-time and loads of fun!!

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