Ancient Mysteries in the Magical Land of Tuva – Siberia

This trip was dedicated to the discovery of ancient mysteries and civilizations. There is nothing more beautiful than entering another completely unknown world and seeing with your own eyes what a human experience can be in different parts of the world, especially when this is connected with traditions that are more than 10.000 years old. Such a place is Siberia and the land of Tuva in the Central and South Siberia close to the borders with Mongolia. This place still keeps traditions of people who lived there a very long time ago.

One of these traditions that is becoming more widely known today is the tradition of the Tuvan Shamans. “Shaman” is a Siberian word meaning the person who is between the people and spirits, a person who connects the Higher with the ordinary life. Traditionally, Shamans played a very big role for the well being of their people and today such traditions are being opened up for those who want to participate in ancient mysteries and have mystical experience.

The international festival “the call of the 13 shamans” organized by a Tuvan Shaman, Nicolay, was the central focus of our trip. In this festival gathered shamans and people from all around the world. It goes without saying that in such trips people do not seek a typical vacation. It is a unique and extraordinary experience, but it is also an experience that can change one’s life for good.

The trip started by flying to Moscow, where we had the chance to visit the famous Red Square and see the center of one of the most historic cities in the world. The beautiful colorful churches and huge squares that gather hundreds of people, along with the big monuments captivate one’s eyes.

You can feel there the history of a unique country. For sure Moscow is a destination that has to be visited once in lifetime. The next day we flew to Abakan in the center of Siberia and from there we went by car to Kuzil and to the place of the festival. As the car was driving fast in the vast areas the only thing you could see and hear for miles was the open skies, the forests and the open spaces with lakes and mountains all around. There was absolute silence. It was so strong you could hear it clearly!! Every 10 minutes we could meet a car appearing suddenly out of the blue and disappearing quickly leaving us again in the middle of a huge, beautiful and unexplored land. The inhabitants of the area still keep some traditions of their ancestors that lived there 40.000 years ago.

The festival was an unsurpassed experience, difficult to put in words. We met shamans from Mexico, Greenland, a female shaman with her pupils from Korea, a Mongolian group and of course many from Siberia, from different parts. There were also many spiritual teachers, shamans and healers from Europe. The accommodation was very basic and somewhat primitive. In the area you could see Mongolian tents, the so called Yurtas, where people gathered and took part in shamanic exhibitions and rituals from different traditions, had personal healing therapies and lots of music meetings.

These meetings were full with the sound of flutes, didgeridoos, drums and other instruments, like for example the shamanic harps and people could take part and sing all together. More than that, Tuvan and other shamans made demonstrations of the special “throat singing”, which is a unique experience. A man can create with his mouth very harmonious multiply sounds called overtones. By hearing this, one can connect with himself and feel empowered and in harmony with the whole world. Some people say that through their voice shamans transmit telepathically knowledge to participants for how to change their lives and solve their problems, finding the missing meaning of life.

On the big central stage, every night different shamans and groups showed us their talents and abilities: dancing and singing meditations, shamanic poetry, ritualistic dances and much more. Apart from the central stage in many places around the camp ceremonies were held by different shamans like walking on fire coals, dancing and singing around the fire. In some occasions all the shamans together performed rituals and ceremonies with drums and strange movements and each one showed their extraordinary way of communicating with the invisible world. People participated together and tried to enter the so called shamanic state of trance and receive intuitive messages through dancing. After the rituals had finished, there came peace and silence everywhere and you could feel the people feeling blessed and happy.

In the morning there were groups who did shamanic yoga, energetic exercises, and practices to learn throat singing, shamanic meditations and lots of other modalities. Tuvan children sold natural products to the people for very small amounts of money. You could see how innocent and pure they were, living in the heart of nature well far away from the west civilization. People usually bought milk and piroshky with meat or cheese. The children were very happy to sell their family’s products to these strange people who looked so different from them. 

All of these cannot be understood by hearing or reading about it, but only through living the experience. One has to be ready for such an encounter. Most of the people think that this is not for the average person, maybe it’s not for everyone. But wouldn’t you like even for one time in your life to get out of your usual mechanical world and touch the unique, the mystical and the lost-in- time but so magical experience of life?

We certainly believe we would!

See you all in our next adventure!!