giants causeway

The myth of “Giant’ Causeway” Finn McCool!

Similar volcanic formations like the ones on Antrim coast known as Giant’s Causeway can also be found at Fingal’s Cave on the Scottish island of Staffa.

According to the myth, the giant Finn McCool lived happily on the Antrim coast in Ireland with his wife Oonagh until he discovered that he had a rival on the other side of the sea in Scotland, known as Benadonner.

Finn was frequently taunted by Benandonner from afar and on one occasion Finn scooped up a clod of earth and hurled it across the sea at him, but he missed. The huge clod of earth landed in the middle of the Irish Sea making the Isle of Man and the depression formed from scooping up the earth filled up with water become Lough Neagh.

At some point Finn decided to cross the sea and challenge Benadonner to a proper fight. But how could he cross over without getting his feet wet? After giving some thought to the idea, he decided that the easiest way was to build a causeway of enormous stepping stones across the sea to Scotland. As he reached the Scottish coast though, he caught sight from afar of the great bulk of Benadonner and he got so afraid that he ran back to this house.

Benadonner took notice of Finn and chased him. In his haste as he ran, Finn lost one of his great boots and today it can be seen sitting on the foreshore in Port Noffer where it fell on the ground.

Finn arrived home panicked, explaining shortly what he saw to his wife and that if Benadonner caught him he would be dead. Clever Oonagh helped him to hide. She disguised Finn as a baby and pushed him into a huge cradle. When Benadonner arrived, he demanded from Oonagh to know where his enemy was and Oonagh explained to him that she was alone in the house along with her baby and that Finn was away. Benadonner demanded to have a look at the “sleeping” child.

To his great surprise, he saw a very big child and he started thinking that if Finn’s child was so big how big would he be??? Terrified by this thought he flew home, ripping up the

Causeway as he went in case he was followed by Finn.

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