Caroline Stein, Brazil

Excellent Staff! Kind and Attentive treatment! I was looking for something in Finland and got a marvelous experience provided by this wonderful team!! Strongly recommend them!

Janice Lee, Singapore

Arte is great! She offered good recommendations and suggestions for my Finland trip to catch Aurora. She is prompt in reply, responsive and responsible. Thumbs up for The Travel Capsule.

Nathalie De Nul, Belgium

I traveled with the Travel Capsule to Cappadocia (Turkey) and to the Amazon and the Andes Mountains in Peru. Those trips changed my life: the adventure, the organization, the location and ... the talent and personality of the organizers. Can't wait for the next trip! Highly recommended!

Nikos Tsaldaris, Greece

Last year I went with Travel Capsule for pilgrimage to Choquequirao and Machu Picchu. Then I joined the adventure in Amazon Jungle! Before two years I also traveled to hunt Aurora Borealis in Lapland.Through these adventures I realized that the greatest adventures always begin from within us and that with the excellent preparation and planning of Travel Capsule only sky is the limit! I met people from other countries and cultures but with similar thirst for adventure and I realized that there are more things which unite us than divide us. I am most proud of participating in these two adventures which have certainly broadened my horizon!

Thoko Madzimbamuto, UK

Me and my partner went on a trip to Cappadocia about a year ago and what an amazing experience we had. Considering that people were coming from different countries, everything was planned very well. From the excursions, the dinners, the shows and treatments (hamam baths and massages) happened seamlessly. I didn't know anyone before the trip but I came back knowing an amazing group of people who we have kept in touch with up-to today. Artemi is amazing at what she does I would recommend The Travel Capsule to anyone looking for an adventure!!!

David De Bruijn, Netherlands

Last year I went with The Travel Capsule to the North of Finland for The Husky Safari. Traveling with your own sledge and 4 huskies through a beautiful, white landscape... it was really amazing! Also the ice fishing, snow walking, Snow scooter, Northern Light were totally new for me. I've made new friends from countries from whole Europe. For me this was a life changing experience!!!

Agnieszka Makowska, Netherlands

Hey! I went with Travel Capsule last year to Finland and went to the husky safari! That was awesome! Whole trip was extreme as it was supposed to be �, well organized thanks to Artemi! I didn't know anybody from Travel Capsule before, nor anyone who knows them, but it was so great! I met such a great people! We are still in contact. � great! Strongly recommend! And this year.... �

Agi Keramidas, UK

I went with the Travel Capsule to Cappadocia last year. I had the most unforgettable time! Excellent experience and I'm looking forward to the next travel with them! Highly recommended!

Eirini Kapsidou, Belgium

Really good organization of trips, very nice and interesting people...the trips are very different from usual touristic trips, you come back home full of joy and new experiences

Aida Mola, Romania

Great organizers and interesting trips!

Roxana Dragan, Romania

Hi everyone!It's been such an amazing time with all of you! I feel so grateful to have been part of this, thank you Aurora million times...and beyond, heheMy main reason for this trip was to be in nature, to map to its infinite field of beauty and amazing energy...I had both and even more, happiness doesn't come close to describing it... winter of spirit is my friend now, hahaSo, as this adventure has come to an end...I shall keep the momentum going and anchor everything into my day to day life!Thank you Artemi and Alexander for being such good facilitators of beauty and exploration!Take care! Love and hugs!

Silke Toenshoff, Belgium

Hi, Just quickly, great trip, loved all. Thanks for being open and kind.I especially was very happy about how the different preferences of the group members were dealt with (thanks Alexander and my fellow travelers, it s not easy to deal with skeptics), with openness and positivity.Thanks to all of you, i hope to see each of you again in Brussels or in Romania.Hugs SilkePS:I got to know tree hugging which is something I will carry in addition to the wonderful experiences and images in my heart.

Nathalie de Nul, Belgium

The Cappadocia trip was exactly what I was longing for. Last summer was very spiritually intense, lot of changes inside me and outside. Development is positive that the changes were so intense, not easy to deal with I was really tired. I was longing for something that will strengthen me. This trip was the perfect formula, the mix i needed:meeting wonderful people, visiting interesting places, the spiritual aspect, the original activities....At the end of this trip now I feel confident, strong, recharged, inspired and so grateful to Artemi and Alexander, to all the great people I met in this trip and to life. I feel full of love you all.Warm hugs,Nath

Peter Mifsud, Malta

Lovely experience, great travel companions with whom I experienced this spiritual and emotional adventure! Turkish people were very friendly and helpful. The Cappadocia landscape is simply stunning. I learned a lot about myself, about life.All of this made this a trip I will never forget.Thank you Artemi and Alex for organizing this amazing trip.

Vanessa Verbeiren, Belgium

I'm really happy I could join The Travel Capsule on the trip to Lapland! It was amazing to be in this magical white landscape with a group of nice people, doing amazing things like sliding through the landscape on a sleigh with the huskies, as well as having interesting conversations. It's a trip I will never forget ❤

Mihaela Petrescu, Romania

The travel in Peru was fantastic for me! I discovered the knowledge and the wisdom of Inca civilization and the natural and happy way of life of the people in this country . At Machu Picchu I entered some kind of trance. I felt like flying on the ridges of Andes mountains as a condor. And I was fascinated by the boat trip on Amazon river . The life in the jungle sanctuary was very healthy, magical. During the Ayahuasca rituals I had visions and more than that revelations & Awareness ... felt the connection with the essence . Thank you Artemi, thank you Alexander for this travel in Peru ... which was the travel to me myself!

Alexandru Irimiea, Romania

This September I ended up celebrating my birthday in the middle of the Peruvian jungle with Northern Deer Alexander & The Travel Capsule Project, fellow spiritual adventurers and the local shamans. It took some courage to embark on this journey of self discovery and the trip outperformed my expectations in many ways. First of all it was very well organized with local guides. We had a deep immersion in the Peruvian culture, one day living and eating with the locals in the middle of the mountains and the other relaxing at some luxurious hotel. This mix was very stimulating - offering tastes of all kinds. I was really impressed with the temples in the mountains and we had some powerful ceremonies there. The jungle was a different story altogether and, by observing these radically different environments, we had a good opportunity to become conscious of all the energies and loosen our identification with them. The Ayahuasca ceremonies were the culminating point of the trip. I'm really grateful we were guided by good shamans, as this experience can be very strong. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to have a more diverse experience of Peru, as there are many things happening in a short time-span.

Florina Pascu,Romania

The trip to Peru was one of the extraordinary experiences. I loved all the parts of it. I enjoyed a lot trekking in Andes and the journey back in time into the history of Peruvian people. Machu Picchu is impressive!!!! I'm grateful that I could go there in this life. About Amazon experience I'm speechless. I loved every second spend in jungle. I felt so alive and energized there and The Shipibo people were so kind with us. Thank you! You do a great work with the trip organisation. We were guided all the time and I felt safe and protected during this experience. Thank you for all your help and love. I'm grateful to you. Big hug Florina!

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