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3 Reasons why you should start Yoga by a Yoga Teacher

Except if you are out of social media, I think you saw that Yoga became tendance.

Yoga is everywhere on Facebook and Instagram.

All those postures look amazing and they are really photographable especially in all the most amazing spots in the world.

But if you are not really into posting all your “instamoment”, is there any interest in doing Yoga?

I would like to answer… Yes!!! Of course!

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3 Benefits of Meditation

You may think that The Travel Capsule is only about travel…

Actually, we do love to travel but in our capsule, there is something more: the spiritual travel.

The lifetime is the biggest travel that we have to do, and for this one, we cannot be prepared as for a road trip: adaptation and adjustments are needed.

Meditation seems to be one of the keys to balancing your life and find your own adjustments.

You are maybe wondering how it can improve your life, then we will see there 3 of its benefits.

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