From Brussels with chocolate

This story was written after my chocolate trail in Belgian ‘chocolateries’ during my last month in a place I called home for more than three years. Thus, it was my way of honoring Brussels, my adoptive city.

Bruxelles is for me the city of chocolate, Art Nouveau, European Institutions, smurfs and bande dessinée. I will cover for now only chocolate. It will be the pricey one because in Belgium quality comes with a (high) price.

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60 Hours in Puglia, the heel of Bella Italia

When the girls and I decided to visit Puglia, we knew the trip would revolve around food – pretty much the best part of any Italian journey! Thus, stay tuned for “Pugliese cuisine” tips, what to see and where to eat 🙂


Alora, we stayed almost three days in Puglia, and we visited seven cities. Our host was Francesco, an actual Italian tour guide, so probably we had a head start and were luckier than the most tourist in Puglia. Grazie mille Francesco! We had nice day trips and short stops in charming towns as Ostuni, Monopoli or Alberobello.

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