• Mt. Kailash Kora Pilgrimage - a spiritual adventure in Tibet



The 4 directions of Life – a spiritual adventure in Tibet

The Travel Adventure in a nutshell


10 days pilgrimage that will take us through the Tibetan spiritual and cultural life, while getting in touch and meditating in its beautiful nature.


From the 11 October 2018 till the 20 October 2018


All 4 directions: Eastern, western, northern and southern Tibet, please have a look at the map below.


The closest airport is Lhasa Airport, transfers from and to the airport are included.


2100 euro, scroll down for more info


Until the 15 September 2018

Our Trip will be memorable!

★ This trip is a wonderful memory and experience of your life once in Tibet. Different from other ordinary sightseeing programs because we are more focused on your side: visit various monasteries, get the experience of local people’s lives and connect with nature and your Deepest spiritual essence!

★ We guarantee your enjoyment while traveling, having enough time to communicate with your guides and the other people but also to appreciate the natural scenery and have a direct experience of your natural state and thus feel peace and joy.

★ We understand you need a similar environment as you staying home, though the poor facility in Tibet, we will do our best to offer you hotels with 24 hours hot water, excellent locations, western style breakfast, and heating.


A message from The Travel Capsule

Welcome to all the adventurous souls, dreamers, travelers and friends!

The Travel Capsule is the “birth” of the free spirit, the adventurous soul and of a mind with the motto “I am realistic – I expect miracles to happen.”

Nothing is impossible in this realm, and the most excellent adventures always begin from within us!

The Travel Capsule is created to give us the opportunity to see world’s most beautiful places and phenomenon.

The Travel Capsule is looking to get the chance to enjoy and connect with purity, nature and other people; To contemplate about life’s miracle and infinite possibilities; To experience the unity that exists in this world and of course the most important to have an adventure!

Important: Please take time to read all of the information provided in this flyer.



Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa


We will meet at Lhasa Airport and be welcomed by our Tibetan guide and transferred to the 4 star Tashinota Kangsang Hotel, elevation 3600 meters.

We can explore the nearby Old Town of Lhasa and the markets lining Barkhor Square, depending of the time of our arrival in Lhasa.




Day 2: Lhasa

We will spend this day in Lhasa so we get to know the capital of Tibet and get acclimatized in the altitude.

After breakfast, we will visit the Jokhang, the holiest Buddhist temple in all of the Himalaya.

Each day, many thousands of Buddhist pilgrims come here to worship. Many have traveled well over a thousand kilometers by foot to see this 1400-year-old temple.

After lunch, we will visit the 600-year-old huge monastery complex of Sera. While at Sera, we’ll watch the monks engage in entertaining Buddhist philosophical debates.

In the evening, we will have free time to wander around the Old Town.

Accommodation: 4-star Tashinota Kangsang Hotel with breakfast.

Day 3: Lhasa

The acclimatization continues also today!

Today we will start our day by visiting the massive 1000 rooms Potala Palace, the most iconic building in Tib

We will work our way up the steps of the Potala and then go through the most important rooms in this famous UNESCO site.


After lunch, you will explore another one of Tibet’s important monasteries. Ramoche Temple is famous across Tibet for the 8 years old statue of Buddha Shakyamuni and is a great place to observe Local Tibetans.
In the late afternoon and evening, we will have free time to explore Lhasa on our own and come closer to the Tibetan life.

Day 4: Lhasa – Drak Yerpa Meditation Cave – Ganden Monastery – Drigung Till Monastery – Tidrum Nunnery Hot Spring

4400m, 150 km, Around 5-6hours Drive

After breakfast, we’ll drive through Nachen la pass and drive into Yerpa valley and visit Drakyerpa meditation caves of great masters including King Srongtsen Gonpo, Guru Rinpoche, Atisha, Lalung Paldor. The Meditation Cave was built during the 7th century by the King Srongtsen Gonpo’s Tibetan princess to study and practice Buddha Dharma.

After Drakyerpa, we’ll drive to Ganden monastery. The first monastery of Geluk school in Tibet. Ganden monastery was built in 1419 by Je Tsongkhapa. The kora hike around Ganden monastery is a beautiful way to enjoy the nature and valley with villages and river.

From Ganden, there is around 70km to Drigung until monastery, which is the main monastery of Drigung Kagyu school in Tibet. The best sky burial in Tibet is located at Drigung till monastery but it is only allowed to visit for local Tibetans.

There is a Yogi in Drigung monastery namely Gelong Tashi Rapten, sometimes when the Yogi is not in meditation, Travelers can visit him for a blessing.

After Drigung we’ll drive to Tidrum nunnery hot spring. A small Nyingma Kagyu nunnery with a pure clean hot spring. You can choose to spend a night in Tidrum nunnery guest house to spend more time with locals and enjoy the hot spring with the local Tibetans.

Accommodation: Overnight in a Guesthouse in Tidrum Nunnery (No private bathroom and no shower) with breakfast in the nunnery restaurants.

Day 5: Tidrum nunnery – Siji Lhatso Lake – Woka Choelong monastery – Hidden beauties Woka valley – Sangri Monastery – Tsetang

3100m, 400 km, Around 7-8 hours Drive

Today we’ll drive from Tidrum nunnery towards east to Siji Lhatso Lake, where we will witness the beautiful nature with different colors of flowers and mountains and grassland.

We will, then, drive to Woka valley to visit the Woka Choelong monastery.

Once Tibetan master Je Tsongkhapa spends few years at Woka choelong to practice the Buddha Dharma. He practices prostration and mandala on hard stone, which the prints of his hand and body is still on the stone for a blessing.

Here if we are lucky, we can ask a more for short teaching, which Guide can translate.

After we’ll drive to Sangri monastery near Lhoka town and then to Tse- tang for a night.

Accommodation: 3-star Post hotel with breakfast.

Day 6: Tsetang – Samye monastery – Chimpuk meditation cave – Yemalung meditation cave

4200m, 150 km, Around 4-5 hours Drive

We’ll drive to Yumbulakang Palace to witness the first palace and first field in Tibet, which dates back to around 3rd or 4th century.

After we’ll drive to Samye monastery. We will visit Chimpuk meditation cave and  Yemalung meditation cave for few hours hike on the hill plus if we have merit, we can get a chance to meet Yogis for a blessing and if they are not in meditation, we can chat with them about Buddha Dharma.

We will also visit the nunnery at Chimpuk meditation cave and spend few minutes with the nuns for a blessing.

Later we will visit Samye monastery, which is the first monastery in Tibet, built during the 8th century by King Trisong Deutsen and Guru Rinpoche and Kenchen Shewatso.

Accommodation: Overnight in a Guesthouse (No private bathroom and no shower) with breakfast in the nunnery restaurants.

Day 7: Samye — Yamdrok lake — Samding nunnery — Karo la glacier – Ralung monastery — Gyantse – Shigatse

3900m, 420 km, Around 7-8hours Drive

Today we’ll drive towards the south to Yamdrok lake through Gambala pass ( 4900 meters ), we’ll stop near the lake for a short hike and have some time near the lake and then drive to Samding nunnery, which was one of the important nunneries in Tibet with less tourist.

We’ll drive to Karo la glaciers to witness the beauties of Mount Nojin Kangtsen (7400 meters)

After the glaciers, we will turn to Ralung monastery, which is one of the main monasteries of Drukpa Kagyu school in Tibet. It was once the home of Yogis and one of the bigger Buddhist school in Tibet. Ralung monastery is very peaceful with almost no tourist and sometimes not even locals so one of the best places to visit the less tourist monastery in Tibet. We can get the blessing of Drukpa Kagyu mastery Je Tsangpa Gyare.

We will, then, drive to Gyantse, where we will visit the Palkor chode monastery and Kumbum stupa with 100 thousands images of Buddha for a blessing. Then along the Friendship southern Hwy drive to Gyantse, visit the famous stupa – Gyantse Kumbum, one of the most stunning architectural wonders in Tibet.

Late afternoon drive to Shigatse via visiting Shalu monastery along the way, which has one of the best wall painting in Tibet.

Accommodation: Overnight at 4 star Gesar Hotel with breakfast.

Day 8: Shigatse / Namtso Lake

4700 m, 420 km, Around 7-8hours Drive

After breakfast, we will drive to Nyemo valley to see nomads and farmers and nature, No tourist (this will be highlight for the day so you can spend lots of time and then drive to Yangpachen hot spring pool and you can decide to go in or not by paying entrance fees directly at there and drive to Damxung, on the way you will see Mt. Tanggu-la (7500m) and drive through grasslands to Namtso lake, “Heavenly Lake.”

Before getting to the lake we will drive through the (Largen la pass (5200m) see the view of the lake from far and then still drive about 35km and we will reach the Lake. On the way, we will see Nomads around Namtso lake and stay overnight at a lake for sunset, sunrise, and stars at the night.

Accommodation: Overnight in Sheep Guesthouse (No private bathroom, No Shower) with breakfast.

Day 9: Namtso / Lhasa

3595m, 250 km, 4 hours DriveEnjoying the sunrise at Namtso Lake, walk a little bit near the lakeside, afternoon drive back to Lhasa.

Happy nomads family dwelled their cozy yak wool tent on the grassy pastures and some close to the road are visitable for having a new experience, before reaching Lhasa the fertile valleys are nice looking with villages and their orthogonal fields.

Accommodation: Overnight at 4-star Tashinota hotel with breakfast.


Day 10: Lhasa Airport / Train Station

Dropping Off Morning Lhasa airport, the time comes to say your farewells to your guide and driver, end of the trip.

Another one of Tibet’s important monasteries. Ramoche Temple is famous across Tibet for the 8 years old statue of Buddha Shakyamuni and is a great place to observe Local Tibetans.

Accommodation: 4-star Tashinota Kangsang Hotel with breakfast.



The spiritual seminar by Northern Deer



There is no way to separate a trip, a journey to a faraway country without having a spiritual experience. For such a big trip the spirit and the intention are huge as well!!

Our attention is to enjoy life, expand our awareness and self-knowledge, become excited from our experiences which will lead to be more alive and also learn something important and valuable in the way that we can carry with us, inside us, in our memories in our actions and in our hearts. Our purpose in this journey is to experience these transformative moments as consciously as we can so that this trip will not be only an excellent memory but a way to remember our selves and return back reborn! The spirit under which we operate and the presence of a spiritual teacher together with us during all days ensure that the energy of our experience will be many times deeper than what is the external journey and activity!

Furthermore, in this trip, we will connect with ancient knowledge and global wisdom of ancient worlds one of which is the world of the Tibetans that we will be visiting. So the opportunity presents itself to have a great spiritual Journey and pilgrimage!

  • We will have interesting talks, topics of transformation of the different parts of our lives (health, relationships and the psychological aspect of how we experience our daily lives)
  • Introduction to the spiritual culture of Tibet (Tibetan Buddhism). You will be able to explore the simple basic spiritual principles of Buddhism under which the Tibetans live. Who was Buddha? What was his teaching? How can one be benefited from it in his/her life? Meditation and techniques of meditation and contemplation coming from Buddhism.
  • Study of the Buddhist Six Realms of Desire and Samsara.
  • Study of Mandala of Kalachakra
  • Spiritual Healing workshop
  • Tarot Cards Ritual for the empowerment of your life and receive direction
  • Ritual of healing of your ancestors – “cleansing of your Family Tree”
  • Shamanic knowledge and ancient wisdom for daily living – We will study the knowledge of shamans of the Tibetan tradition and we will focus on the most interesting and relevant topics that connect different civilizations in this universal experience.
  • Drum Ceremonies and meditations – Shamanic Journey “Kamlanie” where you will learn to connect with the so-called spirits of the world of the shaman.

Also, there will be possible for those who want to have an individual consultation or session with Alexander – Northern Deer without additional cost

(For more information about Alexander visit: http://www.theworldofwisdom.com)




We would like you to have in mind that this travel is not only an adventure but also a time to relax, to feel happy and to flow with life.

Nothing is obligatory although we will have to follow some schedule to keep things rolling.

Please read all the information provided.

The participation for  Trip in Tibet is  2100 € per person.

Included :

  • Tibet entry permit
  • Spiritual seminar under the guidance of Northern Deer Alexander (www.theworldofwisdom.com)
  •  Profession English speaking Tibetan tour guide tour guide
  • Car transfer: comfortable tourist vehicle, from 7 mini van to 29 seat bus, up to group size
  • Accommodation as listed in the itinerary: when you are in the hotel, the breakfast is provided and at the guesthouse, breakfasts are not included
  • All entrance tickets fee as listed in the itinerary
  • Oxygen and bottled mineral water as listed in the itinerary
  • The service fee of operating and handling
  • Taxes

Not included :

  • Visa to China (Around 100€)
  • Lunches and dinners (Around 12€ per day and per person)
  • Tips to the Guide and the Driver
  • International round-trip flight from your country to Lhasa Airport
  • Personal expenses (laundry, souvenirs, etc)

How To Register


  • To enroll, please send us an email by clicking on the button above saying that you want to participate until the 15th September 2018.
  • To reserve your place, we will ask you for a 30% deposit of the package cost (nonrefundable – more details about the deposit will be sent to you after you’ll email us that you wanted to participate).
  • The total cost for the travel adventure has to be settled one month before the trip (until the 20th September 2018), according to the hotel policy.
  • As soon that you’ll have booked your air flights, please send us your air-flight confirmation and details. Please DO NOT book your air flights before contacting us to discuss the details and then you can proceed with the booking.

The Air-Flights

You will have to book a flight to Lhasa Airport, of course, we can assist you.

Arrival: Thursday, 11th October 2018

Return: Saturday, 20th October 2018

Important Information – PLEASE READ

  • Please come with an open heart and an innocent spirit for an adventure. Try to let go, relax, and flow with life. We would like to have a spontaneous experience, of course, there would be a program to keep things rolling, but please embrace the unknown and everything that it will bring blessings to our way.
  • Valid Travel Insurance in Tibet: Please take caution so that you have one, as we will be asked during our reservation to provide all necessary information.
  • Passport: You need to have a valid passport with minimum six months before the expiration date on the 1st day you arrive in Tibet.
  • Visa arrangements: You must have a valid Visa for entering Tibet. Please contact us for relevant info and we will guide you how to issue one.