The road to Peru off the beaten path: 5 hidden gems

Traveling to Peru is a dream destination for many of us and maybe you’ll get the chance to visit it only once in your lifetime.

For those that have this excellent opportunity to dip themselves into the rich culture of the ancient Incas descendants, here are 5 gems of Peru for a unique and original experience.

Avoid what the mass tourism is doing and have the time of your life in Peru.

Trek to Choquequirao the lost city of the Incas

Peru off the beaten pathWhile thousands of tourists every day are visiting Machu Picchu in all its glory, few courageous travelers set on a journey to Choquequirao.

If your soul longs for adventure, peace, and beauty then this trek is for you.

You have to live the whole thing and manage to arrive at Chocququirao and only then you can understand why it is called the lost sister city of Machu Pichhu.

Hidden in the Andean mountains, after 2 or 3 days of demanding hiking you arrive at the site. Not all the ruins are excavated but what you witness takes your breath away.

The real bonus is that most probably you will be the only one on the site or maybe you will meet there very few fellow travelers, no tourists, no crowds, this is the beauty of Choquequirao.

Important info:

In the next two years, a project to build a cable car from the state of Cusco to Choquequirao is set up. It will bring easily and comfortably tourists up.

Unfortunately, this means that gradually this pure and untouched place will become touristy and crowded. So cease your chance to visit Choquequirao while it is still secluded.

If you feel comfortable in hiking, you can undertake this journey alone or join a small group.

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Part take to the Quolloriti pilgrimage

Peru off the beaten pathOne of the Peruvian Andes most traditional and cultural events is Quolloriti pilgrimage near the Apu Ausangate.

This trek of 8 kilometers combines hiking with a purely spiritual experience. It is a Peruvian indigenous spiritual/religious gathering held annually just before the Catholic festival of Corpus Christi.

It is surprising how this pilgrimage, visited by Peruvians from all around the country, is so little known to tourists and that is what makes it an amazing and original experience.

The pilgrimage ends to the Quolloriti Sanctuary and a huge camping site close by can host around 75 000 pilgrims. Can you imagine the magnificence and importance of this event for the Peruvians?

If you need more tips about the pilgrimage please contact us via our contact form.


Chose Salkantay trek vs Inca trail

Salkantay trek is the next best thing after the Inca trail while you are in Peru.

Why though do we recommend you to do Salkantay trek instead of Inca trail?

It offers a diverse amount of scenery and it is much less touristic than the famous Inca trail. This means fewer crowds while trekking to stop and admire the breathtaking views.

Apart from the above, Salkantay trek gives you the possibility to camp or stay in cabins. The starting point is only 2,5 hours ride from Cusco and you don’t need any permits. Note that the permits to do Inca trail are selling out very fast so unless you book in advance you will not be able to purchase one.

Finally, you can finish your trek in Machu Picchu and still enjoy the majestical train ride back to Cusco.

Experience an Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon jungle

Peru off the beaten path


Many visit Peru in their endeavor to answer the question “Who am I really? or “What is my true nature?”.


They are drawn to this country of the ancient Incas for spiritual purposes, to feed their soul and find freedom and joy in their lives. This intention leads many to have an Ayahuasca experience of this sacred plant.


If you are one of them we advise you to choose very carefully the shaman that will lead you, to be open and pure so you can benefit most from this experience. Another tip is to avoid to try only one ceremony and around the touristic areas out of curiosity.

Peru off the beaten path

If your soul does not call you to this experience then better to avoid it. If it does call you then take part in an authentic retreat with a shaman you trust.


You can read for the 5 most important things you should know about Ayahuasca experience in the blog post:


Feel like Indiana Jones in the Amazon jungle in Iquitos

Peru off the beaten pathAn adventure in Peru is never complete without having visited the Amazon rainforest or sailed across Amazon River.

And while many are flying to Puerto Maldonado area to experience how it is to live in the jungle we would suggest you to take a flight to Iquitos.

If you choose a nice, authentic and eco-friendly lodge you will get the full experience of the jungle life avoiding again the mass tourism. Take a speedboat to your lodge and enjoy how it is to travel across the biggest river in the world, the experience is unparalleled.

In the jungle, you get to choose from so many beautiful activities: from swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon to kayaking through the forest, trekking through the jungle, camping in the jungle, seeing sloths, poisonous frogs, tarantulas, caymans and if you are lucky the panther of the jungle and the list goes on…

Most amazing experience is lying down in your bed during the night in your open-air room (the walls are basically mosquito nets) and falling asleep to the sound of the rain in the forest.

If you want more tips and details about eco-friendly and ethical lodges please write us through our contact form.


Any other gem that you would like to share with us?

With love of travel and amazing experiences. Diana Arte.

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