Olympus Mountain and the pilgrimage of life!

There is a place on Earth that I can easily call my place of power and one can understand why only by being there and merging into the power of Mount Olympus. Once there you can feel that something alive exists in the forest, in the rivers, like a heart beating under the highest mountain of Greece.

Greece is known for its many wonderful islands, for the clear turquoise waters, for its sandy beaches, the sun that always shines, the blue sky, the hospitality of the Greek people, the delicious food and its history. Most of the tourists come to Greece to combine vacations near the sea with some sightseeing at historical monuments.

But for those who wish to experience the ancient Greek spirit that remains alive take some days to visit the most magical mountain of all, the great Olympus Mountain.

According to Greek mythology, this mountain was the residence of the 12 Gods of ancient Greece, who lived at Mytikas, the highest top of the mountain and by being there you can feel this divine energy that is connected to the mountain.

Our group, consisting of people from all over Europe, set out to an adventure of 7 unforgettable days. Our trip began from the small village on the foot of the mountain called Litochoro. At first, we decided to spend one full day at Summit Zero Hostel, owned by our friend and fantastic host, Perikles. The hostel is just by the beach and it is an international meeting point for people coming from all over the world with the intention to hike the mountain. You can find there climbers, trekkers, hikers, everyone with a true love for the mountain. In this laid-back atmosphere we enjoyed swimming, sunbathing, delicious food, we had energetic and other practices like yoga and meditation and our team’s members had the chance to connect more so that we could set off for the mountain the next day.

The night before departing for the mountain everybody had to set a very high and transformative goal for his/her life. The trip was not going to be easy so our goal had to be high enough to help us overcome any difficulty in order to successfully complete it.

Reaching the top of the mountain symbolized the achievement of our personal goal. As such, most of us stayed alone that night staring at the starry sky and contemplating about life.

The next morning we were all fresh, excited and energized for this new adventure. We had already become a team! We started from the foot of the mountain very early in the morning to avoid the heat because it already seemed to be a hot summer’s day.

The first part of the mountain is rocky and if you are not used to high temperatures it can prove to be somewhat challenging. This may bring reactions or tiredness but doing energetic and other practices along the way helped us keep our spirits high and beyond all the difficulties to bond even


The most fantastic thing in this kind of trips is that you open yourself to the other people, you become little by little transparent, you open your heart and the reward for this is that you discover that you belong to a big extended family. We were hiking alongside the beautiful Enipeas River. By late noon we took some time off and sat altogether under the trees, revealed all the goodies we were caring in our backpacks and enjoyed a short lunch break listening to the cicadas.

As we were hiking higher and higher, the landscape changed completely. You could, see a vibrant forest, with tall pine trees, fir trees, plane trees and so many other kinds. All our senses were energized by the smell and the sounds of the forest, the oxygen, the silence and peace. By the end of the day we reached the monastery of Saint Dionysus.

We walked a little bit further and towards the river where we found our tents waiting for us! It was getting dark already so we sat altogether around the fire, enjoying our meal and looking at the beautiful sky. For the brave ones, there was one more practice, performed thousands of years ago by shamans, to help you connect deeply to nature.

Many people were thrilled to participate so we were led to different places in the forest to sleep alone only with our sleeping bags, without carrying anything else and face our fears after entering the world of dreams with the help of the beating sound of the shamanic drum.

Before I fell asleep, from the spot I was laying down I could see the sky and I swear I have never seen so many millions of stars shining along with hundreds of fireflies. It was the most magical experience of all; it took me back years ago to my childhood.

Next morning we gathered for breakfast discussing our last night’s experience. It was so funny to hear all the different stories, all the fears that people faced during the night in the dark forest, but it was also so rewarding to see their happy faces, their renewed faith to themselves, their shining eyes. In the end we had made it! We had the courage to face our existential fears in the darkness!!! This ancient practice is called shamanic death and symbolizes the death of fear!

We left our shelter under the trees waiting for us and spent the next two days hiking higher and higher, swimming in natural crystal-water pools under magnificent waterfalls, listening to the sounds of the birds, admiring the different kinds of trees and plants, meditating, continuing doing practices, meeting other hikers from all over the world and having fun!

Although the path is concrete and relatively easy there was some level of difficulty and each one of us had to overcome all our inner conflict and dialogue. We had to face our fears and weaknesses, but we also had to keep in mind our higher goal in life that kept us going despite all the tiredness.

Along the way we spent one night at “Agapitos” refuge where, after the long day, we relaxed, sang, danced and laughed altogether!

All these conscious steps and breaths along the way, little by little brought us to the top of Olympus Mountain. The sky was clear, the wind was blowing gently and, as it was early in the morning, we were the first to arrive there. Our eyes were filled with the endless blue of the sky joining with the dark blue of the sea. Somewhere down in the world of humans, life was continuing, with moments of happiness and difficulty, but we were far beyond thisworld, reaching another state of being. 

Somewhere in the back we could almost listen to the 12 ancient Gods of the mountain living blissfully having reached the ultimate goal, the divine self. We were there, strong and happy, ready to begin yet another adventure called life!

If you are ready for an unforgettable experience, then come and join us to our next trip in Olympus Mountain in Greece!!

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