Ireland – The road to home

I found myself standing still at the very edge of the “Cliffs of Moher” in Southwestern Ireland, facing the vast Atlantic Ocean and smelling greedily the familiar smell of salt, water and sun. The bag of Aeolus was once more open and the wind was wild and strong creating a fierce determination inside me. You could hear the soothing sounds of the seabirds and, as the crowds of tourists were at a long distance, my mind went quieter and quieter; easily and unexpectedly peace entered my heart. What can one really say about this unique country, which is surrounded by sea and vibrating with the warmth of its inhabitants? Even though I have been there only twice, my heart will forever be captured by the immense beauty, friendliness and sense of freedom of Ireland and the Irish people!

The myth of “Giant’ Causeway” Finn McCool in Our Blog!

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The trip began from the moment we landed at Dublin airport. This was the second time visiting Ireland. The first time was during the Christmas period when the capital was all dressed up in lights and fantastic Irish music and the crowds were in a festive mood, celebrating all together, singing and running to parades. Back then we were so overwhelmed with happiness, joy and connectedness with the people, simple people that we had never met again, but by whom we had felt so welcomed and like being with our family, that we decided that a second trip to Ireland was absolutely necessary for our inner well-being!!!

This time we decided to go outside Dublin to visit the countryside and the sights. And what is one of the best ways to discover Ireland? By hitting the road of course!!!

We picked up our rented car from Dublin airport and set out to discover Celtic Ireland! Our first destination: “Giant’s Causeway” in Northern Ireland. What a trip!! It was the first time we needed to drive from the right side of the car and the left side of the road and this situation created clumsy incidents and a lot of laugh but everybody was really cool and at the end everything went great. While on the road, we got the chance to relax completely gazing at the vast blue of the ocean as the road goes on the coastline, stop at small villages and enjoy the hospitality of the locals, the small shops and original fish and chips in traditional Irish pubs, discover ancient cemeteries, old abbeys, stunning castles and delve into the Irish culture and music. But the most important of all was that we made new friends along the way!

After quite a few hours on the road we arrived at our destination “Giant’s Causeway”. This geological site, one of a kind, consists of basalt columns and it is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption that occurred 50 to 60 million years ago during the Paleogene period.

We had the chance to spend quite a few hours there, admire the formations and hike in the area. Our visit was suddenly interrupted by a heavy rain storm, a typical thing in Ireland especially in spring time, so we had to run like hell since we were far away from civilization (by this we mean the Irish pubs ).

By the time we reached the pub, it was already crowded and you could smell the delicious hot Irish meals everywhere. But first of all we had to get dry so we squeezed ourselves along with other very wet people from different countries by the fireplace laughing with our small adventure measuring the size of our wetness and gambling who will get dry first! After we felt more comfortable and warmer we enjoyed our meal, relaxing in the friendly Irish environment.

However, it was time to move on and find a Bed and Breakfast to stay overnight, which was relatively easy as in the area you can find many in the nearby villages in very good prices. Our hostess welcomed us offering us a Guinness and sharing with us the “Giant’s Causeway” myth of Finn McCool, who built a gigantic causeway to escape from his rival on the other part of the sea in Scotland.                           

On the way to the “Giant’s Causeway” we also visited Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital city, beaming with young people, where we exchanged our euro for British pounds. We spent the next few days visiting “Cliffs of Moher” and all the villages along the way, relaxing, having fun, connecting with unforgettable people and promising ourselves that we would come back for yet another road trip in a country that we could easily call “home”.

Until next time……So long!!!

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The myth of “Giant’ Causeway” Finn McCool in Our Blog!

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