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The Husky Safari Express
will transport you in Lapland this winter!


Snowshoeing Finland Husky Safari

The Travel Adventure in a nutshell


Husky Safari in the wilderness to hunt Aurora Borealis or else known as Northern Lights & winter activities:

  • Multi days Husky Safari, each participant has his/her sled and team of dogs to love and take care of
  • Hunting Northern Lights
  • Ice-fishing
  • Snowshoes wandering in the wilderness
  • Sauna
  • Picnic camp in the wildness
  • Shamanic ceremony with the drum from a local Shaman (optional)


Pick your dates


4 nights – 4 days (you can choose more or fewer days)


Finish Lapland, Inari lake, Finland


The closest airport is Ivalo Airport, Finland, from there the hotel service will transfer you to the hotel.


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Let the adventure begin!

Have you ever dreamed about traveling to see this planet’s most beautiful natural phenomenon? Are you in for a winter adventure? Would you like to go husky – sleighing not only for 3 hours but for 3 days having your sled and dogs that you should love and take care of? Or maybe wander in the wild icy forests with a pair of snowshoes meeting the reindeer?

Then this travel adventure is for you!

The only thing that you would need is a free spirit, your love for nature, the real desire to discover yourself and a mood to live an adventure to flow with life!

During this experience, you will spend two nights in beautiful chalets in the wilderness in Finnish Lapland close to Ivalo city. Hopefully, you will get the chance to see the Northern Lights painting the night sky, and wander with snowshoes in the forests, but also you will set for 3 days – 2 nights husky safari adventure around Lake Inari and in the surrounding woods having winter activities and fun!


1st DAY: 

Depending on your flight, you arrive at your chalets, settle in and if there is enough time you grab a pair of snowshoes and head to the wilderness hunting for Aurora Borealis!


2nd DAY:

Let the Husky Safari begin!

Your leaders pick you up from your chalets to go to the Husky Safari farm.

You start, around 10:00 am, with sharing the equipment and packing the sleds. After that, you receive a good driving lesson and tips on how to control the dog team. You harness the dogs and start your safari through the beautiful nature of Lapland.

For lunch, you have a 1-hour break to cook a soup in open fire and enjoy a hot drink (coffee, tea or juice).

When you arrive at the Lappish cottage, you firstly feed the dogs, put them some straws and unpack your equipment. The evening goes by making dinner, get warmer in the sauna, telling stories about the dogs and adventures in Lapland…


3rd DAY:

This day you travel with the dogs and take the ice fishing equipment to try to get some fresh fish and enjoy some lunch on an open fire.

After this, you return to the cottage. You can have snowshoes trip instead of driving huskies on this middle day of safari.

In the evening you experience the Shamanic ritual called ”kamlani, ” and travel with the drum sound to the four shamanic worlds in order to get guidance from the world of spirits.

Warming up in the sauna is always a choice!


4th DAY:

You start driving back to your chalets after breakfast, stop to have lunch and arrive back to the kennel in the evening.

After some goodbye to your friends, you return to your hotel for your last night in magical Lapland, to relax, exchange views on our trip and of course warm up for a final time in the sauna.


5th DAY:

Bye, bye Lapland!

The Accommodation

1st night

You will spend the night in chalets (Full-equipped + a private sauna) or a beautiful family hotel according to availability.

2nd – 3rd night

During the 3-days Husky Safari, you will be staying in two different cottages around lake Inari also equipped with a sauna.

The cottages are simple wilderness Finnish cabins with no electricity, but warm, so it is a chance to unplug, relax in nature and detoxify from modern life.

4th night

You will spend the night in chalets (Full-equipped + a private sauna) or a beautiful family hotel according to availability.


Chalet Finland Husky Safari
Chalet Finland Husky Safari
Chalet Finland Husky Safari


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The Air-Flights

You will have to book a flight to Ivalo airport, Finland. We can assist you.


1) You should make on your own all the arrangements to have a valid health insurance for your trip to Lapland. You are insured though throughout all the winter activities from our partners there.

2) Make sure if you are not a European citizen that your passport has at least six months validity.