Hiking in Romania – Our Adventure Travel

Romania with its green and dense forests it is a wonderful destination in Europe to enjoy wild and pure nature. Especially the region of Transylvania is known apart from the famous Dracula castle and several other castles, also for the Carpathian Mountains and the forests.

In the Romanian forests there are several different very beautiful hiking and trekking routes crossed by gargles rivers where you can relax and detox. There are also several mountains located in Romania, which give you the opportunity for climbing and skiing in the most serene scenery.

But the treasure of Romania is its people, which are open and kind and very much interested in self-development. There in the small villages or cottages in the country side, you can enjoy good hospitality and healthy food in very good prices. One of my favourite places in Romania is the Nomad Camp in the village of Vármező, Mureș. There you can live in traditional Mongolian Yurts (Shamanistic Asian small houses – Tents) with beneficial results to human body, do horseback riding, enjoy hot thermal baths enriched with herbs or salt warm baths.

To get a taste of Romania follow our adventure there through our photo gallery below.

Adventure Travel in Lapusna, Romania

Yurtas, Romania