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Hike on the trail of empowerment and find this power to create the changes that you want in your business & life, while having fun and bonding with other like-minded people.

For whom is this trip?

  • Business fellows who want to learn ancient knowledge on how they can better empower themselves and their businesses.
  • For people wishing to make a change in their life in a professional or personal level, find inspiration, and to receive knowledges and advices on how to move forward on this path.


24th August 2017 – 8th September 2017




Air-flight to Lima, Peru


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 This will be the best experience you have ever had!


Dear Friends,

Welcome to this Powerful Journey intended to awaken inside of you the power of intention to manifest your dreams and empower your life to the fullest!

This August – September 2017 we will embark to a Spiritual – Business – Personal Empowerment Adventure in the ancient trails of Andes to discover our truth, our strength and most of all to evolve!!

If you are an entrepreneur or Business man/woman or simply someone who would like to awaken your true essence and potential and empower your journey in your personal and/or professional life, this trip is for you!

It is a pilgrimage to the “Temple of Power” in a unique mountain journey that passes through ancient sites of the Inca Civilization, a path of power that not many people could undertake even in the old times!

In this Hiking Journey through the mountains we will visit the ancient lost city of Choquequirao, a place of power where we will make rituals of empowerment according to the wisdom of ancestral knowledge. Also we will visit other sites of power finishing in the unique and worldwide famous ancient city of Machu Picchu!

Together with a crew of mountain guides, cooks and helpers, Northern Deer Alexander, Spiritual Teacher Shaman & Healer will help you to pass through a great inspirational transformation to change your life or find the way to your higher destination in life and the right path in your business!

If you are ready to make a big step and make deep changes this is the trip to empower yourself and breakthrough all your limitations that step in front of you and bothering you in your life’s Path!

The Mountains and the spirits are waiting for us there!

The Shaman is there

Your intention is waiting for you to empower it!

What are you waiting for in your life?

Make a step forward and claim your life & your destiny!

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What is a Business Pilgrimage?

A Business Pilgrimage is a modern way of an ancient method to find the core of your own power and become the owner of your life! A Pilgrimage is an external & an inner journey simultaneously.

It is an adventure that is intended to awaken your lost sense of passion and determination. To arrive to this journey one has to have an intention to make changes or transformation in one’s life. This is why from the ancient times, powerful people would undertake such journeys of power – Pilgrimages to find what was missing inside of them or outside.

With the right guidance a trip like that can show you many things that you were neglecting or that you were paying less attention but which in reality play the biggest role in your life or business and that unless you realize them they can become also the obstacles that keep you feeling or actually being stuck in the same patterns – a feeling that you are not evolving in life anymore which can be also translated a dead end of obstacles reflected in your business or your professional life as well.

For 12 days we will be traveling on foot through the ancient path in the Andean Mountains with the sole purpose of understanding who we are, awaken our lost pieces of truth and make a radical transformation!

This trip is for EMPOWERMENT ONLY!

So if you are someone who live with power and you depend on your personal power – If you are a leader of some short – or you would like to become the leader of your own life, if you are a business person, an entrepreneur or someone with a still alive vision of your true potential this trip can become your stepping stone towards big change and awakening to success!

Everything is in our hands and it is up to you!

We are waiting for you with love!

Northern Deer Alexander

Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Educator in Family, Business & Self Management

Visit the website for more information on Northern Deer Alexander & his community WORLD OF WISDOM & SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE – WOW!



DAY 1, August 24 : Arrive to Lima from International flight.
Our Trip will start in Lima – Capital of Peru

Depending on the airline you shall be met by a representative in Lima (either Matt or Arturo) and transferred directly to your hotel in Miraflores El Carmel.
If your time of arrival is 1pm or after, it will be possible to check into the room.

In the afternoon/early evening there will be a briefing about the trip and some free time.

During the free time, you can rest or take time to explore the district of Miraflores on foot which is very safe even at night. There are many cafes, restaurants and bars to explore. There are also pharmacies, banks and money exchange shops all nearby if you need them.

Everybody will have the time with himself to set the priorities straight for his participation and purpose of this trip.

Dinner on the first night is not included but a group meal at a recommended restaurant can be arranged.


DAY 2, August 25 : Transfer to airport and Fly Lima to Cusco, orientation and rest.

We will take a morning flight to the city of Cusco where we will be spending the next 2 days and 2 nights. This is necessary for acclimatization in higher altitude as our Pilgrimage will be spent basically in altitudes between 2000-4000 meters – Cusco is in 3200 meters altitude approx.

We will spend some time in the hotel discussing issues of personal power and intention and also visit the city and do last minute shopping for the trip if needed.

In fact the city of Cusco has many visitors that use it as starting point for the mountain hikes in the Andes and have bunch of shops with specialized mountain or hiking equipment.

The power of the place and the altitude will be our first encounter with the spirit of power where we will be able to see the energetic level necessary to be acquired for transformation.

We suggest you to keep hydrated, and to listen to your body resting enough.

Around 5.30pm, you’ll assist to a trek briefing at the hotel reception.


DAY 3, August 26 : Cusco.

The second day in Cusco will be spend partially to visit the city and make some meditation to acquire the power of concentration.

The half-day tour would be mostly a light-walk between places of interest located around the historical center. Included on our tour will be an English speaking guide, entrances fees to the local sites : Temple of the Sun/Koricancha, The main cathedral, the neighborhood of San Bals and San Pedro Market if time permits.

In the afternoon you may wish to take at your own leisure or prepare for the trek.

We will have a discussion on matters of energy and the deeper aspects of life that are required for our personal evolution.

We will continue resting acclimatizing in the higher altitude and opening up for the necessary experience that is waiting for us ahead.

Overnight at hotel Garcilaso, breakfast included.


DAY 4, August 27 : Cusco – Cachora.

We’ll depart from Cusco around 9am in a private car.

The first break will be to visit the ruins of Tarawasi Limatambo in the lower valley and make a ritual of cleansing our identifications, attachments to the “lower world” and the past in order to free ourselves from dependencies and become able to have vitality, energy and creative flow in our lives.

Then we’ll continue onto the archaeological site of Saywite, an incredible Inca carved boulder, boasting many animals, plants and town figures carved in it.

The purpose of this day is to understand the meaning of the “underworld”, the world of sufferings in ancient traditions which in reality stresses out the necessity of recognising the difficulty of change and transformation in Life. Without this knowledge, true change is simply impossible.

We will stay the night at Casa De Salkantay in Cachora, which is a rustic, charming hostel which also offers modern conveniences. They serve hotel meals. They have comfortable beds and hot showers. After dinner, the evening is free. Enjoy the views of the snow-capped peaks of Padrayoc and Wayna Cachora.

Accommodation: Casa De Salkantay hostel, Cachora


DAY 5 – August 28 : Cachora, car to Capuliyoc, trek to Santa Rosa

After breakfast, we will take some transport to shuttle us along 11km’s of gravel road and offering spectacular views to Capuliyoc (2915 metres) where the Canyon opens up and our main trek begins. Here we will meet our arrieros (horseman), and with full mule support we descend 1600m into the Apurimac canyon, passing by Coca Masana and onto Chiqissca after 2.5 hours and where we will most likely stop for lunch break…

This is the pilgrimage in which you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself walking, contemplating and feeling the beautiful nature as it will unfold around us in every step of the trip.

This part is the beginning, the initiation and all of you will receive a special object of power (amulet) that will become your personal object of your intention. It is necessary in this day to set your intentions straight because from this will depend all the rest: the result of your journey. We will make a ritual of initiation of our intentions and after that we will plunge ourselves in the journey of our life’s energetic empowerment!

After lunch we descend 1.5 hrs further to Playa Rosalinas and the magnificent Apurimac River (1550 metres/ 5084 feet) and receive the blessing of the sacred energy of the water element (about 1 hour of hiking). We then begin our steep climb to Santa Rosa to integrate in us the feeling of the power of intention (2095m / 6873ft) a further 2 hours uphill and our camp for the evening.
You will have the opportunity to put some goals for your life while walking and start accumulating the power to achieve the outcomes and and results that you desire!

Accommodation: Camping,all meals included Camp height 2095m
Our total hiking time today is around 6 hours / 16 km
Descending 1200m / 4 hours Capuliyoc – Apurimac
2 hrs ascending – Rio Apurimac to Santa Rosa


DAY 6, August 29 :Trek from Santa Rosa Camp to Choquequirao camp

Departing early again today to get the best out of the day we continue upwards onto Marampata where we will have a break and a magnificent last look all the way back down inoto the Apurimac Canyon. The climb from the Santa Rosa to Marampata (3110 metres/ 10120 feet) takes about 3 hours and is a tough uphill stretch. A little further on from our break site we will get our first view of the ruins of Choquequirao! From here we have 2 more hours hiking to the ruins. We take our lunch at the Choquequirao campsite (3110 metres/ 10120 feet) nearest to the ruins, before we head to the Choquequirao ruins for the afternoon. Spending the afternoon exploring the ruins, we will watch the sunset and keep our fingers crossed for the chance to see condors.

This day is dedicated to the “middle world” in shamanic traditions – This is the part of our life which is ruled by our vital energy and where our personal power and confidence is expressed. Today’s goal is to empower our bodies and our vital energy field and fill up our batteries with the necessary energy for the battles in our life. The world of business is full of these kind of stressful days where we may have to deal with obstacles. Sometimes obstacles appear in “good days” in days that we experience a positive flow or vibe and in these cases the sudden burst of a problem create a sudden drop of our psychological support necessary for our work. By having stored more vital energy we can be sure that these kind of blows will not have strong effect on us and we will be able to pass through them easily and without losing our “winning streak”
Only around 30% of the Inca remains of Choquequirao have been excavated. What can be seen today however, is most impressive and very much worth the challenging trek to get here. The stonework in Choquequirao is not as sophisticated as that found in Machu Picchu, because the stone found here is very difficult to carve, but the buildings are impressive and suggest a site of high status. Choquequirao evokes a sense of awe simply because of the sites’ surrounding beauty and isolation and condors can be seen frequently soaring the skies.
Accommodation: Camping,all meals included Camp height 3050m (10,000 ft)

Total hiking time today to campsite is: around 5 hours 13 km ascending 1600 m in altitude – Santa Rosa to Choquequirao.


DAY 7, August 30 : Full day spent exploring the Choqueqirao ruins

Today we spend more time at the ruins and can take the opportunity to visit the Llama terraces a unique feature of this archeological gem! Originally discovered in 1710, there were a series of European explorers who passed through this area and knew about this site, however little importance was given to Choquequirao until 1909 when Hiram Bingham who is credited with the scientific discovery of Machu Picchu came across the site. This brought more international attention to the site but even then the site was largely ignored until the 1970´s when the Peruvian government started its excavations. Choquequirao is composed of an amazing and extensive set of terraces and a smaller religious and administrative area with a total area of over 1800 hectares. There are impressive irrigation channels and all of this set in the dramatic setting of the steep Apurimac Canyon.

This Place is our First Target in Our Pilgrimage of Power – It represents the visible Target – According to esoteric traditions a man has two types of target and external or visible one and an inner or deeper target that sometimes can become visible too but it is not always the case. The first visible circle of evolution leading to our first visible target is important because it sets up the pace of our life’s path. If one reaches his goal (the visible one) it is already a big achievement because it makes possible for that person to acquire, the most deep, invisible targets that give really the deepest connection with one’s soul and the deep transformation to wisdom. Many people do not reach that first visible goal and others reach it and out of ignorance for the deeper layer of their existence they remain for the rest of their lives there searching for more parallel and visible goals of this level.

This is the resting day (we will not hike but only for an hour).

During this day we will embark in a journey of energy, practices and rituals that will help us to initiate in our lives the spirit of the visible world (tonal) in order to have the power of manifestation on our side. We will talk about the necessary ingredients for manifesting this type of intentions and we will all create the contract with our Higher Selves to become channels of the truth in our lives. By having this spirit of the ancient tribes with him in his life it is guaranteed for a man that he will for sure have an external big aid in manifestation of the purposes and necessities of the everyday life in business and in any endeavor.

After spending almost the whole day in the ancient ruins of Choquequirao we will descent to our camping site for resting and to make a recapitulation of the process that we have undertook for so long. This is necessary because from the next day we will embark for the deeper part of the journey…How to overcome the known for ourselves and enter into the unknown!

Accommodation: Camping,all meals included


DAY 8, August 31 : Choquequirao – Pinchinuyoc – Rio Blanco

This is the day that we start the more esoteric part of our journey where you will have the opportunity to start seeing internally the deepest and the most hidden aspects of yourself and the reasons of transformation for you. This day we will be spending talking about some deep esoteric principles that applied in business can evoke very deep change. We will explain the the first method of energy transformation that creates existentially the base for going to the next level. Today you will have the chance to overcome yourself and what was already for you the known or normal!

We begin this part of the Choquequirao to Machu Picchu hike with an early morning hike over a ridge for around 1 hour and hike descending to the ruins at Pinchinuyoc, (3 hrs hiking). We will take a short break at these ruins to admire the majestic views. From there, we will descend to the Rio Blanco, a further 1.5 hours steep descent.

Note – insect repellent is a necessity when camping at Rio Blanco!

Accommodation: Camping at Rio Blanco. Ascending: 1km / Descending: 7km

Hike distance and time: 8km around 5 hours


DAY 9, September 1 : Rio Blanco – Maizal

Today, after breakfast we will start a difficult climb to a small cleared agricultural area on the mountain, Maizal. For many people, this is the most difficult section of the whole Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek. The climb is a difficult 3 hours zig zag uphill, as Maizal is located at 3000m/9,842ft.

Today you will have the opportunity to climb also into your inner world and experience the amazing effect of true transformation. Today we will be speaking and working with the second method of energy transformation that goes even deeper and results in the aspect of originality and true creativity (the Upper world in shamanic Traditions). You will experience this upper world and you will have a deeper understanding of some existential secrets that very few people know in this planet!

Also we will have some period of resting in order to contemplate the results of our journey so far and exchange our experience with each other during the afternoon and evening resting time

Accommodation: Camping,all meals included
Rio Blanco – Maizal 3 hours. 6/7 kms. Camp height 3050m


DAY 10, September 2 : Maizal – Pajonal

After Maizal we climb a 3 hours uphill through cloud forest to the Victoria Mines, an ascent from 3000m to 4000m!

We’ll take a short rest here and admire the shine of the outcropped rocks illustrating the high concentration of minerals and metals and the reason for the ancient mines.

In our trek through the puna, we’ll walk over the well-preserved Inca Trails, with their classical zig-zag shape before setting up camp for the night at Pajonal. (Altitude 4000m/13123 ft)

Pajonal affords stunning views from where we have just walked back towards the amazing Apurimac valley. Due to the altitude, camp will be a cold night. The newly discovered Coryhuayrachina ruins are between Yanama and Maizal and though we do not visit Coryhuayrachina, it is still interesting to learn about some of the unknown Inca History in the areas that we are hiking through.

This day will be a day of contemplation and meditation. We will be walking silently and we will try to create the state of no mind. This helps the individual patterns of identity to subside and enter the realm of the inner space. The result will be similar to an intense silent meditation retreat!

Maizal – Pajonal (Victoria mines) (4000m) – 4 hours Total ascent 2000m – 8.5km

DAY 11, September 3 : Hike from Pajonal to Yanama then drive to Lucmabamba.

This is the day that our energetic state riches the Highest peak and deeper aspect. Today we learn about the third method of energetic transformation and we reach the Highest “world” – The Absolute in Shamanic Traditions, Our knowledge becomes complete and from this point you will be able to understand how to create change in your life! The empowerment that you will feel is extraordinary!

Today we wake early at our high campsite, and climb for an hour to the pass of Abra San Juan. (4130 metres/ 13 546 feet). There are spectacular views from the pass as we descend to the charming village of Yanama, (about 3.5 hours walk). 4100m/13,541feet and we will have lunch near the village.

From here, we drive approximately 4 hours to one of the coffee and coca plantations of Lucmabamba where we could have a homestay visit and shower.

Accommodation: Camping or homestay to Lucma 2300m.

Ascent: 2 hours / 5km Descent: 1.5 hours / 7km. Driving 4 hours.


DAY 12, September 4 : Day of rest to explore Coffee farms, optional zip-lining or a trip to Hot springs

Today it is a day of contemplation of the results of the trip until now. We will be making a recapitulation of what we have experienced and we will arrive to this inner space of realization. We will talk about the river of time and ancient teaching that teaches people how to become non-attached to what is happening in their lives and around them. We will talk about the real meaning of illumination and arriving to the so called Higher Self . Today also you can put many questions for your business and purpose in general and receive a lot of answers. It will be a calm day for resting and inner process-digestion of the new!

We will visit the lovely hot springs of Cocalmayo in the morning, tour the coffee plantations with the families and/or optional Zip-lining in Santa Teresa (a town not far away)


DAY 13, September 5 : Lucmabamba 2300m – Llacatapata ruins – Llactapata campsite

A walk uphill of around 1000m takes you through beautiful garden-like scenery. Fruit trees, flowers, coffee and banana plantations are in abundance and also an opportunity to buy local produce on the way.

Some of the path is ancient Inka trail and just after 4 hours with stops you should arrive to the most wonderful view over to Machu Picchu. Here there are some Inka Tambos (Small rest houses) which your guide can explain then a few minutes down to the campsite overlooking the Machu Picchu mountain side and ruins far away.

This day we start putting the energy back to earth! It is the moment to start thinking about how to manifest your new state of being to your everyday life. When a man is changing in essence then very new ideas & realizations start pouring down on him/her and this is the right moment that you will start coming back from this inner journey to reality! You are arriving to your true purpose which is to see the way to make change happen into your life! We will have discussions also about how things are being “downloaded” from the Higher state of consciousness to the lower in order to ensure harmony and prosperity in our “earthy” life!

Ascent: 3-4 hours/9 km’s – 2300m to 3300m-


DAY 14, September 6 : Llactapata 3200m – Hidroelectrico 1900m – Aguas Calientes 1950m

As we come back to civilization we will talk more about prosperity and how to maintain a state of joy and happiness in the everyday life in connection to the “middle world”, the material world of manifestation. The ancient people were refering to this level of our existence as mother earth. What is the energy of the mother earth and how we can keep connected with its presence in our lives? What role does this energetic level plays in the business world and how we can acquire its laws for ourselves? We will discuss and make some practices for this reason

We start after breakfast with a 1.5hr downward trail using switch backs to get us into the Santa Teresa valley. Here we shall walk a further 30 minutes along gravel road to the Hidro-electric power dam. At this point we take foot along the railway line that leads into Aguas Calientes (or Machu Picchu village) and at the foot of the main Inca Complex which shall be explored the next day.

Descent: 1.5 hours 3300m – 2000m + 2.5 hours along a valley floor. 15km’s distance covered.

A box-lunch will be provided on this day and can be enjoyed at any suitable point of the journey

Accommodation: Aguas Calientes


DAY 15, September 7 : Machu Picchu guided tour + optional Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain climb

Starting from the village you shall go to Machu Picchu with the guide by a 25 minutes bus ride and enjoy a 2.5 hour guided tour of the main citadel before the option of heading up Huayna Picchu Mountain ($15 USD extra) which takes about 1.5 hours (or less) as a round trip or Machu Picchu mountain 3 hours round trip or less. We will then be taking a mid-afternoon train back to Ollantaytambo which takes approximately 1.5 hours. On the final part of today we would be taking a private car or van back to Cusco in a further 2 hours being in time for dinner.

Today we are reaching the final Destination the GOAL. It is not the “Highest Peak” as the majority would imagine but the place of “Gold” and maturity. Machu Picchu represents the Place of Gods, the place of unity of all things and harmonization of all energies. This was the peak of the Inca civilization where the Highest Priests were living and performing their rituals. It was the true center of control. We will spend the day in Machu Picchu and then we will share our experience of this place and what symbolizes for us. Everyone will have the experience to feel the “Place of Power”, the Destination in Life, The Purpose. When a man arrives there he or she is complete and becomes able to see the bigger picture!

Overnight in Cusco – We return After the day in Machu Picchu

DAY 16 – SEPTEMBER 8 : Cusco – Lima

After a final day of rest tin Cusco and maybe do a bit of last minute souvenir shopping, then we shall transfer you to the airport for the included internal flight back from Cusco to Lima. We would normally be arranging this for early afternoon in order to catch any onward international journey back home. With advance notice, we can make the flight later/early.

An extra night in Lima and transfers to the airport (if you are leaving the next day which is recommended) there can also be arranged at additional costs.

Today we return in the afternoon in Lima where we will prepare for our return to our countries. In this day we will have the last meetings to resume our trip and what each one got from it!


DAY 17, September 9 : Flight Back home


Here we depart, we’ll continue full of experiences, power and a new path for success in our business & Life.




  • The participation for this Business adventure trip in Peru is 3200€ per person, with today’s currency 1$=0.94€. Part of this amount, might be influenced if a change in dollar currency will occur and will be adjusted accordingly.


– 12 days trekking to Choquequirao and Machu Picchu with transfers, mules, riders, guides, crew for cooking and assisting, tents, sleeping bags, walking sticks, mattresses, accommodation, full delicious board menu, entry tickets to archaeological sites.

– Guided visit to Machu Picchu

– Spiritual Business Seminar

– All accommodation in double or triple occupancy (Excluding the night of 8/9 in Lima. In case you are not flying back home that day and you need to overnight in Lima please add 70 euro)

– All Breakfasts and most lunches and dinners, only few are not included but in Peru food is cheap and delicious

– Transfers from/to airports

– National flights Lima / Cusco / Lima

Not included:

– International flight to Peru and back (approx. 750 euro depending the country)

– couple of lunches and dinners (for 1st and last (17th day) in Lima – for all rest of the days the meals are included), but food in Peru is relatively cheap, depending on the kind and quantity of food.

– Transfer to the airport & accommodation if you will overnight in Lima on 8/9. In that case please add 70 euro.

– Ticket to visit Huayana Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain (It is not the ancient city)


  • You need to arrive in Lima on Thursday August 24 so you will need to choose the appropriate flight
  • For the return back to your country you can find a flight for Sept 8 but only a late evening flight after 8-10 pm in order to have time after our return from Cusco to Lima (early afternoon of this day) – You can of course, for more convenience, find a returning flight the next day Sept 9 in which case you will have to stay the night of Sept 8 in Lima and then be transferred the next day to the airport. In this case the overnight in Lima – accommodation and transfer the next day will be charged extra with a small fee.



Contact us and reserve your trip


  • In order to enroll please click on the orange button above saying that you want to participate till 30/5/2017.
  • To reserve your place you will need to deposit the 30% of the total amount (NON REFUNDABLE) – IMPORTANT! : Please DO NOT book your flight ticket without first having contacted us.

The rest of the cost for the “Business Adventure” has to be settled 1month prior to the trip thus the latest until 24th July 2017.

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The airflights:

International flights:

You will have to book a flight to Lima airport, Peru on your own expenses. We can advise and help you spot flights that will suit you but the final booking needs to be done by you. If you though still wish for us to book your flights this can be arranged at a small fee.

Thursday August 24

Saturday Sept 8 (late evening flight or Sept 9)

National flights inside PERU:

For these flights a group booking will be made by us.

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– Please come with an open heart and an innocent spirit for an adventure. Try to let go, relax, and flow with life. We would like to have a spontaneous experience, of course there would be a program to keep things rolling, but please embrace the unknown and everything that it will bring with blessings to our way.

– Please take caution so that you have a valid travel insurance in Peru, as we will be asked during our reservation to provide all necessary information.

Passport: you need to have a valid passport with minimum 6 months before the expiration date on the 1st day you arrive in Peru.

Visa arrangements:

Visa for up to 90 days in Peru are given upon arrival and do not cost anything (this applies to most countries and EU countries) the airline that you fly in from will give you the immigration’s card or you may just pick one up at Lima airport instead.

However, please check on your behalf the information for the country you are flying from just in case.


Please consult your doctor or an official medical service of your country to arrange for the vaccination you will need to do for visiting Peru.