Porto, sweet and salty!

From Harry Potter to the salty Atlantic Ocean – my top 4 recommendations for what to do, see or eat in Porto, the favorite parts that made my journey special.
Oporto, the second largest city of Portugal is a true gem. Most people combine it with a visit to Lisbon, but I believe this city is worth a trip alone as well. Because ‘wise is he who enjoys the wonders of the world’, as Fernando Pessoa puts it.

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From Brussels with chocolate

This story was written after my chocolate trail in Belgian ‘chocolateries’ during my last month in a place I called home for more than three years. Thus, it was my way of honoring Brussels, my adoptive city.

Bruxelles is for me the city of chocolate, Art Nouveau, European Institutions, smurfs and bande dessinée. I will cover for now only chocolate. It will be the pricey one because in Belgium quality comes with a (high) price.

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The Dreamy Cultural Mix: Austria, Germany and Switzerland

One friend will celebrate a birthday anniversary in Austria; another one is living in Germany, you haven‘t seen him for years. And you wish to see Switzerland finally.

Then where do you go? Correct, no need to pick one.

You just combine it all into a multiple stop road-trip, thus visiting eight cities of 3 countries in a week. Believe me – Austria, Germany, and Switzerland are perfect ingredients for the most energizing travel cocktail!

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Baia Di Leranto Sorrento

Peninsula Sorrentina

Driving South, moving away from the sounds and the heat of Naples, the peninsula of Sorrento appears to be a seascape painting in oil canvas.

Heading uphill to Sorrento, the narrow road crosses the high cliffs of the peninsula, offering impressive views towards Naples, the gulf of Sorrento and Capri Island.

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View on Agung Volcano from Amed.

Dive around Amed is mesmerizing !

Amed, on the East Coast of Bali, is a beautiful little village.


Surrounded by many amazing dive spots, divers from all over the world come here, and that’s why you’ll find more dive shops than warungs!

Given those conditions, finding the good one, whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, could be difficult.

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60 Hours in Puglia, the heel of Bella Italia

When the girls and I decided to visit Puglia, we knew the trip would revolve around food – pretty much the best part of any Italian journey! Thus, stay tuned for “Pugliese cuisine” tips, what to see and where to eat 🙂


Alora, we stayed almost three days in Puglia, and we visited seven cities. Our host was Francesco, an actual Italian tour guide, so probably we had a head start and were luckier than the most tourist in Puglia. Grazie mille Francesco! We had nice day trips and short stops in charming towns as Ostuni, Monopoli or Alberobello.

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Choquequirao 's spirits

Meeting Choquequirao’s spirits

A story full of adventure and mystical experiences

To read about our trip to Peru and see our photo & video gallery click here

On the final straight to Choquequirao

It was only a couple of hours hiking between us and Choquequirao, which symbolized the manifestation of our intention of freedom in the physical level. As we slowly entered a state of prayer while hiking, some could intensely feel the emotional spirit of sorrow so to be recognized and to be overcome. A few others saw snakes, the symbol of wisdom, sexual energy and flexibility where normally no one would except to see one.

My higher intention for this pilgrimage was to attain full freedom from all fears and to find liberation. The moment I set my foot on the final part of the path to Choqueuquirao tremendous fear arose and lasted till I came close to the ruins. By every step my fear was growing stronger and stronger but I knew I had to endure it, to stay as much as possible unattached to it and aware. Easier to say than to do but my intention was higher.

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Versailles day escapade

Your Versailles day escapade

If you are planning your next visit to the city of light “Paris”’, do not miss out the chance for a Versailles day escapade. for sure you will be amazed, especially if you love nature.

In this article we will give you all the tips needed to enjoy an amazing day visit in the Versailles. Further more you will learn how to avoid the hassle and bustle and the long queues. Make the best out of your time there for the things that really matter.

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Porto surprising the senses

Porto, not a port with adjectives. The port of navigators or, well, one of them, anyway.


          Porto, The Genuine.

Genuine like its wine, the one of the kind, mixed with brandy from the vineyards of the Douro Valley, to captivate the palates.

The one carried in oak barrels, loaded on the characteristic caravels that you stare from the river bank.

And behind them, the two-storey and three-storey houses, narrow, very old, those of the opposite bank.

This is the favorite view that you want to watch when you go there.

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August in Nisyros

The island of Nisyros is located in the Southern East side of Greece and is part of the complex of islands of Dodekanisos. It is a small volcanic island containing active craters on its surface. The island does not have an airport thus access is limited to boats. This makes the island less attractive to mass tourism and allows it maintain its unique traditional identity.

Residing in a Western European country for the past four years it was quite a difference to travel from a multicultural and urban environment to an original, one culture place.

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