Alentejo, where nothing ever happens!

12 November 2019

Today is a blessed day…..a day spent in peace, in love and contentment. It was a day without anxiety or stress, a day of sweet calmness and freshly surprising moments. It was not a special day, or a unique day, it was a purely ordinary day, with simple everyday moments. Today it is a present day.

If it happens by life to live in the beautiful Portuguese countryside of the rural Alentejo region, then you cannot help but be in love with the small villages, the beautiful local people and the mesmerising raw nature, which brings in your mind images of Africa.

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5 things off the beaten path in Tibet

Tibet had a unique culture, religion, and language for the past centuries before that China invaded it in the 50’s, in fact, this event changed Tibet completely during the last 50 years.

Since this time, Tibetans are fighting to preserve their culture and resist oppression.

Tibetan culture is indistinctly linked to Tibetan Buddhism.

Most of Tibetans are devoted to the Dalai Lama. His exile and treatment by the Chinese government are sources of grief and anger. Crossing the Tibetan plateau raising yaks have been a traditional life in Tibet since ever.

The best way to live an authentic Tibetan experience is by foot, for example you can choose to hike across the mountain trails to explore cliff-side Buddhist heritage, walk with Tibetan pilgrims to glorify sacred Buddhist mountains and lakes; meet welcoming locals walking through beautiful villages and vast yak pasture, or give your best to reach the world’s highest peak foot in snowy Himalayan regions, etc.

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24 hours in Ai Stratis, Greece

Agios Efstratios, commonly referred as Ai Stratis, is a small island located in the middle of the Aegean

Aegean Island vacation



It has approximately 200 inhabitants and it’s only reachable by boat. There is daily connection with the closest island, Lemnos and less frequent connection, on some days of the week, with some bigger ports of the country. The Island does not have pharmacy, bakery and bank but all these are just practical details. The reality is that while in Ai Stratis you don’t need much, or in order to put it simply, you will be pleased with what’s available.

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The road to Peru off the beaten path: 5 hidden gems

Traveling to Peru is a dream destination for many of us and maybe you’ll get the chance to visit it only once in your lifetime.

For those that have this excellent opportunity to dip themselves into the rich culture of the ancient Incas descendants, here are 5 gems of Peru for a unique and original experience.

Avoid what the mass tourism is doing and have the time of your life in Peru.

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start yoga

3 Reasons why you should start Yoga by a Yoga Teacher

Except if you are out of social media, I think you saw that Yoga became tendance.

Yoga is everywhere on Facebook and Instagram.

All those postures look amazing and they are really photographable especially in all the most amazing spots in the world.

But if you are not really into posting all your “instamoment”, is there any interest in doing Yoga?

I would like to answer… Yes!!! Of course!

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best self

Becoming Your Own Best Self

lifeIt is necessary for your life to have a purpose, which means that you need to feel that your life has a purpose, a meaning and is powerful.

The purpose does not necessarily have to be external, in fact, just the condition that you have inside is enough, but this condition must be absolute.

Many people live their life with no sense of purpose at all, and this makes them feel like with no sense or meaning. They feel that their life is not going anywhere.

Here again, it is necessary to make clear that we are talking about inner intent and not external goals. Externally one may have or may not have a goal, this is irrelevant, but the sense of purpose is important. It is something that usually people confuse.

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3 Benefits of Meditation

You may think that The Travel Capsule is only about travel…

Actually, we do love to travel but in our capsule, there is something more: the spiritual travel.

The lifetime is the biggest travel that we have to do, and for this one, we cannot be prepared as for a road trip: adaptation and adjustments are needed.

Meditation seems to be one of the keys to balancing your life and find your own adjustments.

You are maybe wondering how it can improve your life, then we will see there 3 of its benefits.

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5 Objects to Travel Light and Eco-Friendly

Whenever you’ll travel for a week or for a year, it is always nice to keep your luggage light.

Furthermore, if traveling light is a synonym of keeping the planet clean then it is remarkable!

Then I selected 5 objects that will help you to travel light and eco-friendly.

First, you’ll not break your back going around, second, you are going to take care of the Earth…And third you’ll have more space to bring back souvenirs!

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Porto, sweet and salty!

From Harry Potter to the salty Atlantic Ocean – my top 4 recommendations for what to do, see or eat in Porto, the favorite parts that made my journey special.
Oporto, the second largest city of Portugal is a true gem. Most people combine it with a visit to Lisbon, but I believe this city is worth a trip alone as well. Because ‘wise is he who enjoys the wonders of the world’, as Fernando Pessoa puts it.

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From Brussels with chocolate

This story was written after my chocolate trail in Belgian ‘chocolateries’ during my last month in a place I called home for more than three years. Thus, it was my way of honoring Brussels, my adoptive city.

Bruxelles is for me the city of chocolate, Art Nouveau, European Institutions, smurfs and bande dessinée. I will cover for now only chocolate. It will be the pricey one because in Belgium quality comes with a (high) price.

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