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Becoming Your Own Best Self

lifeIt is necessary for your life to have a purpose, which means that you need to feel that your life has a purpose, a meaning and is powerful.

The purpose does not necessarily have to be external, in fact, just the condition that you have inside is enough, but this condition must be absolute.

Many people live their life with no sense of purpose at all, and this makes them feel like with no sense or meaning. They feel that their life is not going anywhere.

Here again, it is necessary to make clear that we are talking about inner intent and not external goals. Externally one may have or may not have a goal, this is irrelevant, but the sense of purpose is important. It is something that usually people confuse.

self confidenceA purpose is sometimes necessary externally just in order to fulfill this inner necessity.

You may start from the bottom where you don’t really know, at all, who you are or where you are going in life. If it is so, then maybe what you need is exactly a purpose to motivate you to start living again and do movements towards the right direction of Knowledge.

This purpose, if it is external, must occupy your whole being. This means you need to feel this one like the thirsty man feels the water, it must be connected to your heart and with your essence.

For example, if you would be thirsty you would commit with no second thought into finding and drinking water because it would monopolize your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is not obsession because it is not merely an idea of your mind, your heart and your body feel it too.

The same happens if you fall in love, and then the same should happen with your intent and purpose in life.

Where are you going? You should be excited about your journey, the path that you have undertaken. This is your spiritual path.

self confidenceAnd then in such a case, your spiritual path becomes a goal and the same time a great Spirit.

It nourishes your soul and leads your actions as well. It’s not only emotional, psychological; it becomes your whole life. Such a spirit will transform you for sure.

Of course, such a path and a purpose will work like a guide in everything and you will be able to easily see what are the causes that try to manipulate you and take you out of your path. When the path becomes your whole existence then your conditioning reacts. The goal sets you on fire and awakens all your potential and capacities. You become aware of your sense of self. You are motivated to exist now because your whole existence is directed towards that goal, your spiritual path.

Because of that state of being which is awakened in you, all other things that exist in you from the past and you had acquired by repetition, by blind belief or be reactivity and which are based on ignorance and unconsciousness will start having a big contrast with your new purpose.  Your Purpose is Great and all the petty little egos in you will start feeling inferiority complex, they will react.

self confidenceThis is an important moment because these little tyrants in us are not giving up easily.

Their whole existence is at stake when you start your inner revolution, they depend on you being as you always have been, they will fight greatly. Usually, it all sums up to this: ” You cannot do it, It is too dangerous, too scary! You see? Your whole life is changing completely, and everything from inside out is changing! You will lose everything you know.

The others will not recognize you at all perhaps they will reject you completely! You will lose yourself too and you will not recognize yourself at all! You may go mad! You may completely destroy yourself! Just stop and live a normal life like everybody else! But: Are you crazy? what are you doing? ARE YOU REALLY DOING THIS?”

This may be the inner dialogue of the unconscious reaction of your conditioning when you will follow your path. If you will follow this fearful thinking you will not succeed and your spiritual path will start leaving you, it will start moving further away from you.

self confidenceYou have to give yourself to your path completely!

If you do that, then you will see that suddenly the spirit of your path will appear in your life. You will see a unique guidance from somewhere or from nowhere exactly appearing in certain moments in your life.

Suddenly some intelligence is descending upon you. You will start knowing what to do, what to say, and how to behave in different circumstances. This means that the spirit of your goal, of your purpose, has finally taken over if this happens.

That’s good! This spirit wants you to succeed. Now, you need to listen to it and follow it wholeheartedly, with no hesitation at all. Give yourself to it! The Higher your destination, your goal, the Bigger the spirit helper and the bigger the amount of energy that will come to you.

self confidence

To be continued.

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By Alexander – Northern Deer
Self Development Coach, Healer, Educator of Family Business & Self Management

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