5 Objects to Travel Light and Eco-Friendly

Whenever you’ll travel for a week or for a year, it is always nice to keep your luggage light.

Furthermore, if traveling light is a synonym of keeping the planet clean then it is remarkable!

Then I selected 5 objects that will help you to travel light and eco-friendly.

First, you’ll not break your back going around, second, you are going to take care of the Earth…And third you’ll have more space to bring back souvenirs!

1. Bring your tote bag around the world!

If you travel around the world, I think you already realize that in many countries plastic bags are still not banned. They are going to be a disaster for our planet if we don’t stop to use them. So show the example bringing your tote bag everywhere and say no to plastic bags.

For your grocery shopping or buying clothes, the tote bag is always there!

I found those cute and simple tote bags on Etsy by Curious Miss Clay for less than 10€. Different colors, you’ll find the one that you like!

travel light eco-friendly

travel light eco-friendly



travel light eco-friendly

2. Have a water bottle.

Same problems as with the plastic bags, if you travel and consume only water bottle, you’re going to create so much waste.

travel light eco-friendlyI found this LifeStraw Go. You can refill it of course but this bottle has definitely a plus: a filter. It means that if you are not in a drinkable water zone, like it can happen in Peru, you can still take it from the tap, or a river, and the filter will do the job for you.

The LifeStraw Go can filter up to 1000 liters of water over its lifetime without requiring batteries. And it is really light.

The price is between 40€ and 45€. You can find retailers on their website or even on Amazon.

3. Don’t forget your cutlery.

Visiting some markets you can be really disappointed to don’t have a knife and a spoon to taste this amazing smelly mango. Instead, to use plastic cutlery (or not even being able to even taste it), I really like the Basecamp Set by Baladeo.travel light eco-friendly

Light, easy to carry and to clean, I really bring them everywhere.

Different types are available, depending on your style and needs. Prices are between 10€ and 30€.

4. Find an easy and light way to remove your makeup.

travel light eco-friendlyI discovered those makeup remover wipes by Lamazuna, 2 years ago, and it changed my life!

No more cotton (we use 15000 liters of water to produce 1kg of cotton), and no more makeup remover to buy and carry.

They are amazing, you won’t believe it until you’ll try it, but really those wipes remove all your makeup only using water!

travel light eco-friendly

Washable, you can use them more than 300 times.

Prices depended on the package that you’ll choose and are going from 9,90€ to 25€.

Their website is not in English yet but it should be in the next months, anyway, the good news is that Lamazuna is offering to our readers a promotion code on their website until the 28th of February 2018.

Use the promotion code THETRAVELCAPSULE10 and get 10% off on Lamazuna.

travel light eco-friendly

5. Embrace change and choose a menstrual cup.

Being a girl and traveling is not always easy, especially if you decide to find tampons in the middle of an Indonesian wild island. Bringing everything that you’ll need for a year will be a bit bulky and I’m not even thinking about what could happen in case of tropical rain on your backpack…

Same as the cotton to remove your makeup, those protections are not eco-friendly to produce and recycle. In plus, their composition is kind of controversy and I’ll definitely not recommend you to use them.

Since more than a year, I decided to use a menstrual cup made by Fleurcup.

Being honest, the first times that you’ll use it, you’ll hate it and wonder “whyyyyyy did I decided to buy this?”. But after one or two cycles, you’ll master it, finding it so much easier and comfortable to use than tampons.

The main advantages :

  • you can wear it up to 12 hours without any problems
  • very discreet (no string)
  • adaptable to each body
  • no more irritations because of tampons dryness, because the menstrual cup is made off 100% medical silicone

For more details, you can also visit this page, where everything is explained.

The cost depends on the brand you’ll choose. I’m actually really satisfied with Fleurcup, and I find nice to be able to order a two size pack for 19,99€ (free delivery worldwide), to know with size suits you the best at the moment.

Use the promotion code 9YEARS and get 2€ off on Fleurcup.


And now, I just have to wish you a happy and safe travel!

See you around the world.

The Travel Capsule.

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