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3 Reasons why you should start Yoga by a Yoga Teacher

Except if you are out of social media, I think you saw that Yoga became tendance.

Yoga is everywhere on Facebook and Instagram.

All those postures look amazing and they are really photographable especially in all the most amazing spots in the world.

But if you are not really into posting all your “instamoment”, is there any interest in doing Yoga?

I would like to answer… Yes!!! Of course!


1.Taking a moment just for yourself

It could seem to be crazy when we think about it, but how many minutes in a day, in a week do you take for yourself?

Sometimes you are just in the week flow, into your duties and it seems to be easier to go first into that, then see if you can still take time for yourself.

I’ll say that it can be the wrong way.

Yes, taking 60 minutes just for yourself in a week can improve your life: taking time to take care of you is a way to be more available for your family, for your work and your friends.

Actually, because you’ll feel satisfied, feel good, you’ll appreciate much more your time for the others.

2. Be gentle with your body

Yoga is a sportive activity, it is a fact.

But Yoga is soft, you won’t traumatize your body if you choose the right teacher that will guide you to your own goals.

3. Yoga keeps your spine flexible

Nobody is talking about that, but the spine is the main part of your body.

As long that you’ll keep your spine healthy, then your all body will keep is mobility.

Yoga is working a lot on your spine flexibility always with kindness.


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