3 Benefits of Meditation

You may think that The Travel Capsule is only about travel…

Actually, we do love to travel but in our capsule, there is something more: the spiritual travel.

The lifetime is the biggest travel that we have to do, and for this one, we cannot be prepared as for a road trip: adaptation and adjustments are needed.

Meditation seems to be one of the keys to balancing your life and find your own adjustments.

You are maybe wondering how it can improve your life, then we will see there 3 of its benefits.

meditation1. Meditation to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is the most common reason why people start to meditate.

Stress increases levels of the stress hormone that it is called cortisol.

This produces many of the effects of stress like disturb sleep, promote depression and anxiety, increase blood pressure and contribute to fatigue and cloudy thinking.

A study shows that the “mindfulness meditation” reduced all the symptoms caused by stress.

2. Meditation to Increase Attention

“Focused-attention meditation” helps to increase the strength and endurance of your attention.

A recent study showed that workers who regularly practiced it stayed focused on a task for longer, more, those workers also remembered details of their tasks better than their colleagues who did not practice it.

No needed to practice many hours per day, in fact even 5 minutes daily may benefit you.

meditation3. Meditation to Develop Kindness

Some types of meditation create positive feelings and actions for yourself and others.

Through practice, people learn to extend their kindness to them but also to their friends, acquaintances, and enemies.

Practice will increase your compassion and reflect others bringing them to compassion toward themselves and others.

During all The Travel capsule Trips, be sure that we will make a point to talk about self-development.

It is part of the travel because your spiritual travel is part of your travel capsule.

Check our upcoming trips and programs, and join our community of travelers and friends!

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